About Stofan

What is Stofan?

Stofan is a temporary space designed by a partner as „a public living room“ within the library (or in proximity to it). Each partner opens Stofan with a „happening“ (in any given form) on a topic and with persons of own choosing.
Stofan is open to other users who can observe and join the conversation. This is a place for citizenship in the making, where you can negotiate ideas of belonging, perform your identity, connect with others and communicate beyond language. In our conversations at Stofan we use all our senses to explore the surroundings, ideas and understandings. The happening is documented and the recorded material used for a podcast. A conversation starter is left for other users who can access the space for a week after the opening.

How will we work?

A group of partners are invided to collaborate and co-curate a „conversation/happening“  within a given focus:

  • 2021-22: Creating a social space at the library

  • 2022-23: Experimenting with communication dimensions  

  • 2023-24: Use and relevance of the library

Partners take part in two think tanks for discussion, understanding and developing ideas and the surroundings.
The co-curational process includes two preparatory meetings on location with the project manager.

Why is it relevant?

Through the experiemental co-curational work in Stofan the library aims to diversify its program and have new users shape the space as well as the discussions taking place at the library - with the aim of making the library a relevant place for more people.