Stofan - A Public Living Room

Stofan is an experimental project where the library works with different partners on placemaking at the library.

Each month a collaborator creates a new temporary place that reflects specific social needs. The theme of Stofan 2023-2024 is Share the Care
This is a process where we temporarily transform a space into a place for meaningful interactions. This is a place for citizenship in the making, where you can negotiate ideas of belonging, perform your identity, connect with others and practice community care. We use all our senses to explore the surroundings, ideas and understandings and in each step of this journey, we get closer to the library of the future. 

Samfélagasrými í nýju Grófarhúsi

The project is supported by Bókasafnasjóður. 

Further information
Dögg Sigmarsdóttir 
Project manager | Civic Participation 

Martyna Karolina Daniel 
Specialist | Intercultural affairs