Borrowing and returning

Library card

Reykjavik City Library cards are issued to individuals. Using a card that belongs to somebody else is not permissible. Cards are valid at all of our library locations and the bookmobile, as well as the Seltjarnarness and Mosfellsbær libraries.

It’s possible to buy or renew a library card through the website by signing into My Account (at the top of the page), agreeing to the terms, and paying the annual fee.

Library cards are free for senior citizens, people with disabilities, and children under 18 years old. Those who have a Reykjavik Culture Pass get a free library card. At the present time, it’s not possible to register for or renew a free library card online. To register for or renew a free card, please visit one of our library locations and remember to bring your identification.


Library card holders choose a PIN number to use for our self-service machines and to sign into My Account on the website. Upon signing in, you can see an overview of items you have checked out, renew your loans, pay fines, and reserve items. 

Forgotten PIN

If you forget your PIN number there are two ways to reset it. One way is to sign into My Account choosing “log in via”, go to Settings, and create and save a new PIN number. Another way is to visit the library with some legal form of identification and request a new PIN number from library staff who will take care of it promptly.

Borrowing and returning

How long can you keep the items you borrow from the library? It varies a bit.

  • Some new books are marked with a “2 weeks”-sticker, those are 2 weeks
  • For other, unmarked books, it‘s 30 days
  • CDs and vinyl: 2 weeks
  • Films are 4 days, other visual materials such as documentaries or TV series are 1 week

You can return items to any one of our libraries, no matter where you picked them up. You can also return our items to the Seltjarnarnes and Mosfellsbær libraries.

You can renew each loan twice, except for new books on a 2-week loan, and provided there are no reservations on the materials. Renew your loans here on the website by logging into “My Account” or by calling the library.

Members 18 years and older may have up to 40 items on loan at any time. Children under 18 may have up to 15 items on loan at any time.

Register your email

If you have registered your email with the library, you will usually receive a reminder when the return date on your loans comes around. However we stress that it is the borrower‘s responsibility to return all items on time. If items are returned after the return date, late fees are collected according the library's Fees and fines listing. A collection notice is sent 30 days after the return date if the item has not been returned. Collection notices for late fees incurred by children under 18 are sent to their parents or guardians.

To everyone‘s benefit

Proper care of the library‘s materials is to everyone‘s benefit. If an item is lost or damaged in a borrower‘s care, the library will charge the borrower according to the item‘s value. Parents or guardians are responsible for the materials borrowed by their children. Reykjavík City Library is not responsible for any damage a media item, such as a tape or CD, may cause to equipment used to play it.

Reykjavík City Library is a public library and open to everyone. You are welcome!