Books to Your Home

Reykjavík City Library offers to deliver books to the homes of elderly and otherwise disabled users for free. The service is called Bókin heim or Books to Your Home and has been active since 1974.

Users can get deliveries of books, magazines and music. The service is personalized: each user has a specific member of library staff assigned to assist them finding matierials to read or listen to. Deliveries are made every eight weeks.

Users over the age of 67 do not pay the yearly fee for a library card.

Would you like deliveries to your home, or do you know someone who might?

You can fill out the form below to register. You may also call us at 411 6100 or email us at . Library staff will contact you when the application has been accepted.

All materials are lent out for eight weeks at a time, and all deliveries are made on the same day. This means that some time may pass between your application and your first delivery.

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