Frequently asked questions

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What is available for loan at the Reykjavík City Library?

The Reykjavik City Library has a wide variety of books, magazines, music, films, language courses, and more for all ages.

You can search our entire collection through our website. Try typing a title, author, or material description in the search window at the top of the page. 

In addition, it’s possible to rent or purchase art by Icelandic artists through Artótek, which is located at Grófin on Tryggvagata 15. For more information, visit

How much does it cost to borrow books or DVDs?

There is no additional cost associated with borrowing books, DVDs, or anything else – you just need to have a valid library card. 

How much does a library card cost?

Information about the annual fee for a library card can be found under fees and fines

You can register for a new library card or renew an expired one through the website by signing into “My Pages” at the top of the page and paying the annual fee. 

Children under 18 years old, senior citizens 67 years old and older, and those who have disabilities do not have to pay for a library card.

At this time it’s not possible to register for or renew a free card through the website; you must visit the library to do so.

Library cards are included in a Reykjavik Culture Pass, which is valid at the Reykjavik Art Museum and the Reykjavik City Museum. Learn more about the Reykjavik Culture Pass at

Can I use someone else‘s library card, or can I lend my card to someone else?

No. Library cards are registered to individuals and you cannot use somebody else’s library card. As the owner of the library card, you are responsible for all items borrowed with the card.

How long is the library card valid and where can I use it?

A library card is valid for one year. Cards can be used at all Reykjavik City library locations as well as the Seltjarnarnes and Mosfellsbær libraries. 

How long can I keep books and other items?

Lending periods vary by type of material, with books being typically loaned out for 30 days, music for 2 weeks, and videos for 1 week.  

Adults can have up to 40 items at one time; children under 18 years old can have up to 15 items.

Can I see what I have on loan through the website?

Yes. You can sign in through “My Pages” in the upper-right corner of our website. You can use your kennitala (ID number) and PIN number (the same one you use for our self-service machines) or log in via 

After signing in, you can see what you have on loan and when it is due. You can also see the status of items you have on hold, extend your loan periods, pay late fees, and renew your library card if necessary. 

How high are the overdue fines?

Read all about fines in the fees and fines list.

Can I access the internet at The Reykjavik City Library?

All of our library locations offer free Wi-Fi, which guests can connect to though their laptops, phones, etc. 

We also offer access to computers that are connected to the internet.

What happens if I lose or damage items that I borrow?

You must pay for items that get lost or damaged under your care. Fines for missing or damaged items can be found in the fees and fines list

Is it possible to extend a library loan?

Yes. You can sign into your account through “My Pages” in the upper-right corner of the page. You can use your kennitala (ID number) and PIN number (the same one you use for our self-service machines) or log in via

In My Pages, you can extend each item loan twice. You can also extend by calling or visiting the library. See an overview of our library locations and phone numbers.

Can I reserve books and other material?

Yes, to reserve books or other material through the website, click on a title, choose “reserve,” and then choose a pickup location. You can also send us a message through Facebook, be in touch via our web chat, or call the library. See an overview of our library locations and phone numbers.

Does The Reykjavik City Library accept book gifts?

No, unfortunately, we cannot accept gifted books.