New to the library?

Reykjavík City Library has six locations around the city:

Árbær Culture House – see our location on Google Maps

Gerðuberg Culture House in Breiðholt – see our location on Google Maps

Grófin Culture House in downtown Reykjavík – see our location on Google Maps

Kringlan Culture House in Kringlan shopping mall – see our location on Google Maps

Sólheimar Culture House – see our location on Google Maps

Spöngin Culture House in Grafarvogur – see our location on Google Maps

You are welcome to visit any one of our libraries to read and relax or to hang out and meet people - whatever you wish. All of our libraries have free Wi-Fi. Do you need access to a computer, a printer or a scanner? You can use ours for a small fee. 

Do I need a library card?

If you want to check out items from the library, or use Rafbókasafnið, our e-book library, you do need a library card. 

To get a library card you need two things: 2.500 ISK and an Icelandic kennitala (an ID number issued by Registers Iceland).

You can then visit any one of our locations listed above, show your ID, pay the fee and fill out a short form and we will create your brand new library card. 

– Or you can get your card online. Click "Mínar síður" in the upper right corner, choose "Skrá inn með" using either an IceKey or an e-certificate, and pay the fee online. Take note that the sign-up sheet, as well as all the information on "Mínar síður", is currently only available in Icelandic. 

Library cards are free for children under 18, senior citizens 67 years and older, people with disabilities and people receiving a rehabilitation pension. Free cards cannot be issued online, please visit your local library. A parent or guardian must sign for a child's library card.

How does the card work?

With a library card you can borrow books, magazines, CDs, vinyl, DVDs and other materials at all our locations, and even the Seltjarnarnes and Mosfellsbær public libraries.

The library has a broad selection of fiction and non-fiction in English and many other languages, as well as children's books, comics and so on. Is the book you want not available at your library of choice? Place a hold on it or contact us, and we will have it delivered to your preferred location. 

You can also borrow ebooks and audiobooks from Rafbókasafnið, which is open around the clock!

Please note that the library card may only be used by the cardholder. 

For how long?

Your library card is valid for 1 year. After that, you need to renew your subscription. Hold onto your card; we simply reactivate it.

New books are checked out for 14 days, other books for 30 days, music for 2 weeks and DVDs for 7 days.

Adults may borrow up to 40 items at a time, children up to 15 items at a time.

For info on late fees please see Fees and fines.

More questions?

For more info on fees, terms and conditions, contact us or ask our staff. We are working on the English version of this website.

What about events for non-Icelandic speakers?

We continuously host intercultural activities for adults and children. Check out our event calendar here on the website or our Facebook Page for the event schedule.

Event descriptions are also available in English, when applicable. 

Café Lingua

A social platform for people who want to enhance their language skills, Icelandic or other languages and meet up in an informal environment. The events take place at the libraries and on the University of Iceland's campus. Join us to share your language(s) with others or learn new ones! More on Café Lingua here.

The Women‘s Story Circle

A place for women interested in taking part in creative activities and relaxed gatherings. All women are welcome to join in at any time. More on the Women‘s Story Circle here.

The Week in Iceland at the Library

The Week in Iceland is a collaboration between the library and RÚV public radio. There you'll get the opportunity to learn about and comment on the week‘s news from Iceland. RÚV English presenter Alex Elliott will lead a small group of participants through the latest The Week in Iceland programme with frequent pauses for discussion and analysis. Registration is required. 

Events for children

Our events include homework-assistance for children, the World Fairies story times in different languages, and Family Get-Togethers for people with infants and toddlers. The events are hosted in several different locations each week - more on that here.

Our Guidelines and Objectives

Reykjavik City Library runs several projects where the goal is to promote intercultural competence and dilaogue in society through the arts, creativity and multiple languages. The library is an important gateway to society. The intercultural work we do is based on an interdisciplinary co-operation with a wide range of people and partners across society such as social service centres, schools, cultural institutions, NGOs and individuals from all over the world living in Reykjavík.

The IFLA/UNESCO Multicultural Library Manifesto is used as a guideline in this work. 

We want to:

  • Encourage social integration, understanding and respect.
  • Create a gateway to Icelandic culture and language as well as to other cultures and languages represented in Reykjavik.
  • Enhance immigrants’ language skills in Icelandic through practical communication.
  • Build connections between all citizens of Reykjavik via arts and culture.
  • Create an informative forum of communication for diverse groups in society
  • Make a visit to the library an integral part of the daily lives of immigrants just like other citizens.
  • Break isolation and encourage compassion towards others.

Still have some questions?

Check out our FAQ or send us a message to! We'll answer as soon as possible.