Stofan AIVAG

Writing as World Building - Future for Artists

We want to create a space to imagine and write the future we want for ourselves. Sharing our experiences and challenges to co-create what our reality has the potential to be for the working rights of artists. 

Megan Auður and Hugo Llanes are members of the advocacy group AIVAG - Artists in Iceland Visa Action Group. They set up a new Stofan | A Public Living Room on 19 March 2024. 

For our advocacy group, care is integral in campaigning for the working rights of artists, especially those artists coming from outside of the EU and EEA. We draw inspiration from various histories and knowledge including Unions and activists. 

AIVAG invited the library users to take part in writing workshops about the future we want to see come alive for our community. They collected texts during the week their Stofan was open and put together in zine once the space closed. Find out more about the idea behind the "Writing as World Building" in an interview with Megan and Hugo. 

Stofan AIVAG Stofan AIVAG Stofan AIVAG

This temporary space is a part of the project Stofan | Public Living Room. It is an experimental project where the library works with different partners on placemaking at the library. This is a process where we temporarily transform a space into a place for meaningful interactions. The theme of Stofan 2023-2024 is Share the Care.

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Dögg Sigmarsdóttir
Project manager | Civic Participation

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