Practice Icelandic online

In between our practice times at the library we encourage you to have a look at some useful online material available for free! If you are aware of more platforms and links we should add to this list please get in touch with us! The more links the better!

This website is a useful tool that every teacher mentions when you start learning Icelandic! You can always type in a word in the search bar when you are writing a text or if you are doubting the spelling/bending of a word:

bin website
Sigurður, one of our hosts, founded and runs a website where you can find articles on all things Icelandic and it is divided into very comprehensible chapters : www.icelandicmadeeasier.comicelandic made easier logo

Here you can find a lot of free classes to download in pdf format as well as useful audio material. The material is divided into "books" called "Bók 1,2,3..." and in each "Bók" you will find chapters going in depth into topics:

tungumalatorg website

This website offers free material online but you will need to sign up (for free):

icelandic online website

If you use Facebook you can also join the Practice and Learn Icelandic online community and get a lot of useful links and advice there. Here is also a list of useful files they have gathered on their Facebook page:

practice and learn icelandic visual


For further information:
Hildur Björgvinsdóttir, project manager | events and education

Martyna Karolina Daniel, intercultural specialist