Grant for Spilum og spjöllum

Going into the new year with a grant from Landsbankinn for our project spilum og spjöllum where we invite people to come and practice Icelandic while playing board games in the library. We have been developing this project for the past two years alongside the wonderful teachers Hildur Loftsdóttir and Sigurður Hermannsson and we look forward to having them by our side next year.

Come and join us for some games, coffee, tea, chats and cozy times together! It's free and you don't need to register.

Full 2023 program HERE.

Saga Jen Zhang is a regular guest at Chat and Play and says it's a great way to learn Icelandic and meet new friends. Read more about her experience HERE.
Garance Merholz also shared her thoughts with us! Read her interview HERE.

For further information:
Martyna Karolina Daniel, intercultural specialist