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The author, teacher and journalist Hildur Loftsdóttir has lived in 4 different countries for many years and she loves languages. She has been teaching Icelandic for the past 11 years, first in New York and now at the Tin Can Factory in Reykjavik. She also publishes great children books and recently received an award for one of them. 



Sigurður Hermannsson is a passionate linguist, polyglot, and Icelandic teacher. Sigurður (or Siggi for ease of pronunciation) wants everybody to have access to the tools they need to learn Icelandic, so he founded and runs, a website where you can find articles on all things Icelandic. When not teaching Icelandic at the library or to private students in his home, Siggi works as a volunteer building an Icelandic dictionary at 



Ingunn Hreinberg Indriðadóttir is a linguist and a language teacher. She has worked as an Icelandic teacher at Múltíkúltí and Mímir and before she used to teach Icelandic in Russia, where she lived and studied for five years. Ingunn works at the University of Iceland, where she teaches Russian and linguistics.

Ingunn Hreinberg Indriðadóttir


Lísa Mikaela Gunnarsdóttir is a linguist and soon to be speech language pathologist/therapist (SLP). Born and raised in Reykjavík, she grew up bilingual with English and Icelandic as her native languages and always had an interest in languages, etymology and comparative linguistics. She has worked as an Icelandic teacher at The Tin Can Factory for almost 5 years.

profile picture of Lisa Mikaela Gunnarsdóttir


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