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Would you like to host a storytime in your language?

You choose the stories, the language, library location and the time and invite those interested to come and listen to your storytime in the library. Söguhornið takes place in an open area of the Library so other library users might join you as well and that's exactly how we think the library should be: a cozy place where everyone is welcome to join.  The library has books in many languages, but you are also welcome to bring your own books. Keep in mind that the stories you choose must be suitable for children and may not contain sexually explicit or violent content, and cannot promote racism, sexism, ableism or discrimination of any form.
If you give us enough notice we will try to have books in your language awaiting you and your guests in the story corner when you arrive, to read on the spot or borrow for those who have a library card. 

Sögustund í Gerðubergi

You can help us diversify our collection by making a purchase recommendation HERE for books in any language!

Click the booking button below and choose the library location you want to hold your story time in.

The City Library staff looks forward to helping you make your story time a nice one!

Storytime in Gerðuberg

Further information:
Martyna Karolina Daniel, Intercultural specialist 

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