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Stofan | Soundscapes to relax in

Tuesday October 25th 2022 - Monday October 31st 2022

Let's pause and recharge

José invites you to his version of Stofan, a safe space within a public establishment. Calm, safety, coziness, warmth will await you. Come in and relax with a selection of soothing sounds that will help you bring peace of mind and quietness inside.

Join us in the cozy room right by the children's section during the opening hours of the library, bring your headphones and start recharging while listening to the beautiful soundscapes. HERE are some pictures and a blog from our opening event. You can also find out more about José's process in his interview with the library.

"Comfort to me means feeling well, being at ease. It means stretching my legs, breathing freely, it means laying down to relax while listening to music, wrapped in a colourful blanket. It means also being an equal part of a society, being seen and acknowledged, being safe inside a space; having certainty of my place and rights in a community."

About Stofan
Once a month a new version of Stofan - A Public Living Room is created. A partner designs a temporary space in the city library with a focus this year on communication methods beyond language. Users are invited to experience the library with new temporary rules.

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Martyna Karolina Daniel, Intercultural Specialist