About the Kringlan Library

Menningarhúsið Kringlan

Come visit us!

Are you on your way to Kringlan? Did you know that we’re located in the wing between the shopping centre and the Reykjavik City Theatre? You should definitely visit us on your way. Our staff welcomes you and the coffee pot is always on!


We have a cosy facility in a beautiful building. There’s an area for children and teenagers, and our older guests typically sit by the beautiful windows, drink coffee, and flip through the latest newspapers and books.

Due to our proximity to the theatre, we have focused on building a collection of plays and theatre-related reading. We also have a great selection of books about films and dance. We regularly invite guests to attend theatre café and other events for children and adults. We provide free Wi-Fi and access to a computer and printer for a small fee. The bookmobile Chief has its home base at Kringlan. Read more about library facilities via the side menu.

Location and directions 

We are located in a wing that connects Kringlan and the Reykjavik City Theatre. The building is handicap accessible from the lower parking lot of Kringlan by the Reykjavik City Theatre.  
Buses frequently stop at Kringlan, on Listabraut, Miklubraut, and Kringlumýrarbraut. For more information, visit straeto.is/en.

Guðríður Sigurbjörnsdóttir is in department director at Kringlan:

More information:
Tel: +354 411 6200