Accessibility | Kringlan Library

Public Transport 

Almost every bus stops at one of the three different stops near Kringlan, shopping mall.  

Busses that stop on Listabraut:  
bus nr. 2 and 13 (bus stops: borgarleikhús and Verzló) 
bus nr. 14 (bus stop: Verzló) 

Busses that stop on Miklabraut:  
bus nr. 3, 4, 6, 57 and 106 (bus stop: Kringlan)  

Busses that stop on Kringlumýrarbraut:  
bus nr. 1, 55 and 101 (bus: Kringlumýrarbraut)  

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Bicycle Parking 

Traditional bicycle parking is to be found in several places around ringlan center, one of them in front of the library entrance. There is also a BIKEEP smart bike parking station near the entrance to the restaurant Hamborgarafabrikkan.  

Car Parking and Entrance 

We are located  at Listabraut 3, in a wing that connects Kringlan and the Reykjavik City Theatre. There is a good access to the library from the lower parking lot of Kringlan by the Reykjavik City Theatre. The disabled parking is close to the entrance. There are no thresholds in the outer and inner entrance to the library. It is also possible to use the entrance from the upper parking lot. Then you use the ramp, to the left alongside the windows, and take the elevator or the staircase from there to go down to the library.   

Baby Carriages 

You can store the carriages in the foyer. Strollers can be borrowed at the Kringlan service desk.  


There are three toilets in the foyer, one for women, another for men and the third one is for handicapped people. There you’ll find a baby changing station. 

A Place to Eat 

You are welcome to bring your own food and eat at the tables by the windows. 

Acoustics and Lighting 

The public libraries are places for people to meet up and socialize and are therefore often quite busy. We often have school visits and we offer all kinds of events during the week. Despite that there are more quiet times and possible to find a cozy spot and dive into your reading, work or school projects. 

The acoustics are fine. There are no closed spaces available for users but there are a few good hideaway spots.  

Beeping sounds can be heard from the self-service machines.  

Led lights are in the ceilings. Led light decorations are in the windows during the darkest months of the year.  

Guide dogs are welcome to the library and small dogs are welcome on Sundays according to the rules of Kringlan.  


For further information, please contact: 

Guðríður Sigurbjörnsdóttir, Library Manager | 411 6200