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What‘s in the News?

Fimmtudagur 7. júní 2018

The Reykjavik City Library | Grófin Culture House
Every Monday at 5.30 pm

Welcome to the Reykjavik City Library in Gerduberg 1, in Breiðholt, Mondays at 5.30 pm

"What’s in the news?" is a multicultural service offered at Reykjavik City Library. Sigyn and Snæfríður, volunteers from the Reykjavik Red Cross, will assist the ones interested in how to understand the main news. It’s also possible to bring articles of own interest in order to further understand and discuss them.

The program also gives participants the chance to get to know the great treasures that the City Library has to offer, meet new people and connect to Icelandic society.

The project is a collaboration between the Reykjavik City Library and the Reykjavik Red Cross. The idea is to promote active participation and create a platform for dialogue.

Further information:

Sigrún Erla
Tel. 570 4000 / 853 0570

Guðrún Baldvinsdóttir
411-6182 / 411-6175