Ungt fólk á Borgarbókasafni
Ungt fólk á Borgarbókasafni

Introduction to the library

Introduction to the library as part of Icelandic teaching

Teachers teaching Icelandic as a second language to adults have the opportunity to visit the Reykjavík City Library with their students. We offer an introduction to the operation of the Library as well as a treasure hunt in simple Icelandic. The participants work together to find useful and interesting materials and have a fun time together. A visit to the Library can make the teaching more authentic, practical and connect the lessons directly to society. We offer this program both for people who do not have a great knowledge of Icelandic and for people who understands and speaks the language well.

Introduction to the library as part of mother tongue teaching

Mother tongue teachers can make a visit to the library a part of the teaching. An introduction to the library is offered to children and parents accompanied with language games prepared in collaboration with the teacher. The visit can also include storytelling and reading in the respective language, dance, singing or other activities that can motivate children and families to use the library in the future as well as stimulate the mother language in a creative and way.

Storytelling for children in different languages

People of all origin can arrange story tellings at the library in their own languages.

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