Welcome to Grófin

In Grófin the atmosphere is often very lively, with numerous events, workshops and exhibitions happening throughout the year. The library is also a great place to sit around, study or get lost in the shelves.You are welcome to use the facilities as you wish – to relax, meet others or host your own event. We offer a great selection of books in various languages, for children and adults alike. Come and find your favourite spot at the library!


We are located in Grófarhús on Tryggvagata 15. The library is on the 1st, 2nd and 5th floors. Parking is located behind the building and there is good access for people with reduced mobility in the parking lot opposite the entrance. There is a lift in the building. We encourage our users to use environmentally friendly transportation when possible.

Further information on accessibility here.

About Grófin

1st floor

The Book Square

When you walk into Grófin, the first thing you see is the Book Square, where you can take inspiration from the latest books and other interesting material that is displayed there. The Book Square is a good space for events, such as receptions, concerts and presentations. It measures 64 square meters, is open, bright and high to the ceiling.

The Artótek

The Artótek has a wide selection of art by contemporary artists, which users can rent for a short period or buy to keep.

Computers, scanners and printers

On the 1st floor there are computers to use for free, and an area to get comfortable and read newspapers, magazines or other material. Printing, scanning and photocopying for a small fee. 


Hringrásarsafnið is a collaboration project between the City Library and Munasafn RVK Tool Library. (hlekkur) We have self-checkout systems in Reykjavik City Library Grófin, Reykjavik City Library Gerðuberg, Reykjavík City Library Kringlan and Reykjavik City Library Úlfarsárdalur. You can borrow all sorts of useful tools and items - the variety in the cupboards changes regularly.

The Square (Torgið)

Torgið is a flexible space where you can study, work together in a group, meet others or sit and relax. You can book Torgið for your own use. When Torgið is not booked for events, everyone is welcome to use the space at their own convenience and arrange furniture according to their own needs. Do you need a place to read from or introduce your new book? Find out more about the Room for Authors


2nd floor

Novels and Poetry

On the second floor you will find Icelandic poetry and a good selection of poetry books in other languages.

The Handicraft Corner

You can also find the Handicraft Corner where you can sit down and work on your handicraft or look through books and magazines for inspiration for your next project.

The Children's Area

The children's area is always lively and fun, where children and their families spend quality time together reading, playing and playing. The Children's Area in Grófin has books in many different languages. Here is an overview of the languages that we have at the City Library. 

The Circle - Exhibition Space

The Circle is a part of the Children's Area and there are numerous exhibitions on offer, all year round.


5th floor

Comics, Film, Music and Science Fiction

A welcoming space for young people, which includes a great comics department with a wide variety of material. There is also a good selection of music and film; CDs, records, musical notes, videos and DVDs, as well as books and magazines. There is also a good selection of academic books.

Kompan Podcast Studio

On the fifth floor you will also find the Kompan podcast studio where you can record a podcast yourself, free of charge.

Music and Visual Media Studio

The Music and Visual Media Studio offers free access to a wide range of creative software and tools related to music and video production. There are four iMac computers in the studio that can be booked in advance for your convenience. 

Space to Study or Work

The study area is quiet and comfortable, a great place to study or work in peace and enjoy the stunning view of the sea and Mount Esja.

Events and Exhibitions

Everyone is welcome to send in an application with a proposal for any kind of collaboration, event, exhibition or other projects. Contact us and we will do our best to respond to applications as quickly as possible! 

Library Tours

School groups and other groups who want to get to know what the library has to offer can book library tours all year round. 

Here you can read about the facilities in all of the eight Reykjavik City Libraries.


All Kinds of Things

In addition to a variety of material to borrow and a flourishing program of events, we offer all kinds of different services for our users.

Find out more.


Barbara Guðnadóttir is the library director at Grófin and a substitute city librarian, barbara.gudnadottir@reykjavik.is

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