Accessibility | Grófin Library

Public Transport 

You can take the bus downtown all the city’s neighborhood. It’s convenient to leave at the bus stop Lækjartorg and it taked 3-5 min to walk from there to the library. Bus nr. 14 (bus stop: Hafnarhús) also stops near the library. For further information:
Bicycle Parking 

There is a rack for 8 bicycles by the entrance.  

Car Parking and Entrance 

There’s a parking lot behind the building (in parking fee area 1) and there’s also a parking lot (in parking fee area 2) by the harbour. A parking garage is on Vesturgata. You can use Easypark and Parka payment apps.  

There’s a parking for disabled people in front of the entrance. There are no thresholds in the building. A wheelchair can be borrowed at the information desk. The service desk is visible when you enter the library and the staff is always there to assist you.  We encourage all who can to use sustainable transport choices. 


The building has six floors, and the library is located on the 1st, 2nd and 5th floor. The office is on the 4th floor. There are three elevators in the house. A staircase and an elevator is to the right when you enter through the main entrance, and the two other elevators are by the end of the corridor on the right side of the 1st floor service desk.  

Baby Carriages 

You are welcome to bring your children in carriages or strollers. If you prefer, you can store them in the foyer. You can also borrow strollers, that are located just inside the foyer.  


There are three toilets on the 1st floor, one of them for people with disabilities. There are two toilets on the 2nd floor. There are baby changings stations on both floors. All the toilets are gender neutral. The toilets are locked for security reasons, and users therefore need to ask for keys at the service desks.  

A Place to Eat 

You are welcome to bring and eat your food on Torgið (The Square) on the 1st floor or by the family table on the 2nd floor.  

Acoustics and Lighting 

The public libraries are places for people to meet up and socialize and are therefore often quite busy. We often have group visits and we offer all kinds of events during the week. In spite of that there are more quiet times and possible to find a cozy spot and dive into your reading, work or school projects, especially on Torgið (The Square) on the 1st floor and on the 5th floor where you can sit in comfortable chairs, on the couches or at the tables in the study area that faces the harbour. The study area is a quiet space but for those who want to work in groups on projects where conversations are crucial, we recommend the space facing Tryggvagata. There are’nt any closed spaces available for users.  

The acoustics are in general quite good, except on the 1st floor, which is a wide and open space with big windows.  

Beeping sound can be heard from the self-service machines. 

Fluorscent lights are in the ceilings and the daylight enters through the windows on all floors. Led light decorations are in some windows during that darkest months of the year.  

Guide dogs are welcome. 


For further information, please contact: 

Barbara Guðnadóttir, Library Manager | 411 6100