Intercultural projects

Reykjavik City Library runs several intercultural projects where the goal is to promote intercultural competence in society through the arts, creativity, intercultural dialogue and multiple languages.

The library is an important gateway to society. The intercultural work we do is based on an interdisciplinary co-operation with a wide range of people and partners across society such as social service centres, schools, cultural institutions, NGOs and individuals from all over the world living in Reykjavík. 

Everyone has a story of their own, no matter where they come from. In an intercultural society it is up to all of us to weave these stories together and create new ones. In intercultural work it is crucial to involve all citizens and that individuals are not considered representatives of certain nations all the time. Libraries are culture and community centers and therefore an obvious platform for activities that unite people.

The objective

  • Encourage social integration, understanding and respect.
  • Create a gateway to Icelandic culture and language as well as to other cultures and languages represented in Reykjavik.
  • Enhance immigrants’ language skills in Icelandic through practical communication.
  • Build connections between all citizens of Reykjavik via arts and culture.
  • Create an informative forum of communication for diverse groups in society
  • Make a visit to the library an integral part of the daily lives of immigrants just like other citizens.
  • Break isolation and encourage compassion towards others.

The IFLA/UNESCO Multicultural Library Manifesto is used as a guideline in this work.

See The Reykjavik Department of Culture and Tourism’s policy on diverse culture in the city 2017–2020, Roots and Wings.

For further information, pleast contact:
Martyna Karolina Daniel, Intercultural Specialist,