Visits | Icelandic as a Second Language

Do you teach Icelandic as a second language?

Reykjavík City Library welcomes visits from students and other groups. You can book a visit with a librarian who will receive your group to introduce them to the library and its services. These visits have been popular with language classes and other groups learning Icelandic.

Before the visit, the group can check out the materials covered in these slides: Fjölmenning 2019.

The public library is a portal to the local society and a safe haven for all city residents. When getting one‘s bearings in a new country, access to information, media and cultural events can be invaluable, as well as the simple opportunity to meet new people. Our libraries are open to everyone and all are welcome to enjoy what we have to offer.

Are you interested in booking a visit and an introduction to the Reykjavík City Library? Contact us!

Hólmfríður Gunnlaugsdóttir, department librarian, Grófin Culture House | tel. +354 411 6100 

Ilmur Dögg Gísladóttir, department director, Gerðuberg Culture House | tel. +354 411 6170