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16:00 - 16:45

Fiktvarp | Introduction to Scratch Programming (advanced)

Miðvikudagur 1. apríl 2020

Fiktvarp | Introduction to Scratch Programming (advanced)
Live stream programming workshop
Wednesday, April 1 16:00-16:45 (10+ years old)

Fiktvarp is a new platform for young and curious makers who want to learn exciting new and creative technologies online. Participants in Fiktvarp can work on problems together, ask questions, and follow along at their own pace. Fiktvarp is presented by the Reykjavik City Library Makerspace and is open to everyone.

In this first workshop we’ll introduce the amazing Scratch programming environment. Scratch is a graphic, LEGO-like programming language that teaches kids and young programmers basic concepts through a variety of fun activities! With just a few simple commands, you can easily create your own video game.

No registration or special software is required — just a computer, internet and browser.

The following browsers are recommended:
• Chrome 63+ or Mobile Chrome 63+
• Edge 15+
• Firefox 57+
• Safari 11+

During Fiktvarp workshops, you can
• Make a bunch of noise
• Snack next to the computer
• Join in, ask questions and hack!
• Pause, rewind, or watch later
• Or just watch

We recommend closing all other windows.

Follow this event and the Borgarbókasafn Facebook page. We’ll announce the stream link on the day of the workshop!

Please note the Makerspace will offer Fiktvarp workshops while facilitators are in good health, so check our Facebook events regularly in order to stay informed of last-minute changes.

For further information: 

Karl James Pestka