Reykjavik City Library | Seed Library

Take a Seed – Grow a Seed – Give a Seed 


What is the Seed Library? 
The Seed Library is a spot at the library where the public can come and get seeds for free. There is a great selection of seeds on offer - so you can grow your own vegetables, herbs, salads, flowers or plants.

Where is the Seed Library?
The Seed Library is currently in Gerðuberg, Grófin, Sólheimar and Úlfarsárdalur but the aim is to have a Seed Library in all of the eight Reykjavik City Libraries across the city.

Do you have any leftover seeds?
We would love to add them to the Seed Library. Please bring seeds in a labelled envelope to the reception at your local Reykjavík City Library.

Are you new to growing? 
We have plenty of books to borrow and the library staff will happily give you advice, don‘t hesitate to ask. 

See you at the Seed Library! 
ÁrbærGerðuberg - Grófin - Sólheimar - SpönginÚlfarsárdalur


More about the Seed Library

The Seed Library allows community members to freely come and get seeds from the drawers and grow plants at home. People can also help replenish the Seed Library by bringing seeds to the reception of any of the 8 city library locations. All Reykjavík City Library locations aim to open their own Seed Library in the nearest future and currently already have 4 locations offering seeds for free: Árbær, Gerðuberg, Grófin, Sólheimar, Spöngin and Úlfarsárdalur.

We focus on regionally adapted seeds to further support local agriculture, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient food system. In addition to distributing seeds, the seed library actively promotes seed saving techniques, encouraging community members to preserve and share locally adapted varieties.

This practice ensures the preservation of resilient, time-tested crops that can withstand changing environmental conditions. We will host regular events to share planting tips, growing wisdom, and of course seeds and plants.

Seed Libraries are becoming a common library resource and are proving to be an excellent way to bring the community together through gardening. The Seed Library embodies a powerful vision of a connected, sustainable, and self-reliant community. By embracing nature, fostering sustainable practices, and promoting food sovereignty, this initiative represents a transformative step towards a resilient future.

For more information:
Martyna Karolina Daniel, intercultural specialist