people making seed pouches

Creating a Seed Library together

We had a beautiful time creating seed pouches together for our new Seed Library! We snacked on cucumbers, had some coffee and bonded over plants and what we like to grow. We received seed donations and will soon be splitting them into our new seed pouches for library users to take home and grow. Among the seeds we received we report: coriander, spring onions, birch tree, lettuce, tea tree, marigold, morning-glory, chives and more.


Once it is up and running, the Seed Library will allow community members to freely come and get seeds from the drawers and replenish the library with seeds from their plants when they mature.

making seed pouches

And remember, if you have extra seeds at home you would like to donate to our Seed Library, you can bring them to one of our 8 library locations reception on your next visit.

All about the Seed Library.

For more information:
Martyna Karolina Daniel, intercultural specialist