Picnics at the Library


Join us for a series of indoor community picnics at the Reykjavik City Library! Each month, a new person, organisation or group will host a picnic, bring food to share and suggest topics for conversations. The picnics are a place for civic engagement, they are free and public, everyone is invited to sit on blankets, share some food and talk.  This unusual indoor setting encourages respectful exchange and voicing of opinion in an intercultural environment.  It is also an opportunity for the public to bring their favorite dishes or try something new from a communal potluck.

Through this project, we envision our library as a living, breathing space where relationships flourish, ideas are exchanged, and connections nourished over shared food

Bring some snacks and a blanket, come to the library picnic and let's chat!

collage of photos of picnics

Further information:
Dögg Sigmarsdóttir 
Project manager | Civic Participation  

Martyna Karolina Daniel 
Specialist | Intercultural affairs