Fees and fines

Library Card

2,500 ISK per year

Children under 18 years old, and seniors 67 years and older do not pay for a library card.

People with disabilities and people who receive a rehabilitation pension do not pay for a library card, but must present a certificate from the Social Insurance Administration (Tryggingastofnun).

A library card is included in the Reykjavik Culture Pass (“Menningarkort”), which is also valid at the Reykjavik Art Museum and the Reykjavik City Museum. Read more about the Reykjavik Culture Pass.

Reykjavik Culture Pass

6,000 ISK per year
1,800 ISK for people 67 years and older, with free renewal

Replacement for a damaged library card

600 ISK

Overdue fines

  • Books and other items 60 ISK per day
  • Videotapes and DVDs 500 ISK per day 


Maximum fines

  • Maximum fine per item  700 ISK
  • Maximum fine per videotapes and DVDs 1,640 ISK
  • Maximum fine per individual 7,000 ISK


Standard fines for items lost and damaged while in care of borrower

  • Books and audiobooks 3,000 ISK
  • Language courses 3,000 ISK
  • Videotapes and DVDs 2,500 ISK
  • CDs 2,000 ISK
  • CD booklets 2,000 ISK
  • Sheet music and cassettes 1,000 ISK
  • Magazines 200 ISK

In the case of new material (purchased within the last two years) the borrower must pay the full purchase price for lost or damaged items. 


  • Photocopies and prints 50 ISK per page
  • Color prints 150 ISK per page
  • Scans (at Grófin, Kringlan, Sólheimar, and Árbær) 50 ISK per page
  • Phone call 50 ISK
  • Bags 350 ISK
  • Literature walks for groups of up to 30 people 41,000 ISK
  • Storymobile Jester 41,000 ISK (2 hours)
  • Interlibrary loan outside of Reykjavík 1,000 ISK


Experimental workshop

3D printer

  • 50 ISK per metre
  • Free on Experimental Days and during workshops
  • First project up to 2 metres is free
  • Note that it takes approximately 1.5 hours to print 1 metre of plastic with the 3D printer.


Vinyl Cutter

  • 500 ISK/m2
  • Free on Experimental Days and during workshops 
  • Scratch paper is free
  • First project up to 1 metre is free



  • 1 badge = 200kr.
  • 3 badges = 500 kr.
  • 10 badges = 1000 kr.