Inspiration and Reading Encouragement

A broader understanding of literacy

We think of literacy in very broad terms and encourage parents to look to the children’s librarian for assistance in finding fun, kid-friendly material. It’s a great idea to let the children take the lead and discover where their interests lie when it comes to picking reading material and other entertainment. Children must be literate in many ways—in text, pictures, culture, and symbols. They can therefore look extensively in, for example, children’s books, comics, audiobooks, picture books, educational material, music, and films. In addition, they can have a go at all kinds of exciting technology and computer programs at the Experimental Workshop. 

This page features a bunch of exciting reading lists to assist children and their families in finding suitable reading material. 

All of our library locations offer cosy environments to sit down, read, and chat. A trip to the library is great fun for the whole family. 

  • Did you know that children under 18 years old qualify for a free library card?
  • Did you know that all of our library locations have special children and teen departments where it’s possible to sit back and relax with books or magazines?  
  • Did you know that our Rafbókasafnið e-library has material for children and young adults?
  • Did you know that children can check out 15 items (books, comics, music, magazines, and more) from the library at one time?


Want inspiration from what’s happening in the world of children’s books and young adult novels?

The Reykjavik City Library is involved in many projects and events related to youth culture and youth literature. For example, there’s the children and teen conference, held annually at Gerðuberg and there’s Mýrin, the international children’s book festival, held biennially at the Nordic House. The Reykjavik City Library is also involved in organizing the Reykjavík Children’s Book Award, which the mayor awards at Höfði on the last day of winter each year. Last but not least, there’s the Children’s Choice Book Prize, in which children themselves vote for the best original and translated children’s books. Those awards are now given out at the Sögur Awards Ceremony .