Can we feel, see, hear or taste inclusivity? Does it leave a bitter taste, a restless mind or a feeling of discomfort and confusion regarding your privileges? Or is it an urging feeling to open paths; an inspiration for new dimensions within existing structures? 

A library is a public space belonging to us all, it is a place that collects shared stories. But does everyone feel they belong in our common spaces and are their stories included? Who has the power to take up space? Who has a voice? Which narratives reach us and why?

The publication is a collection of work created by the chroniclers of Inclusive Public Spaces during the process of navigating pathways for open, critical dialogues on narratives, power structures, racism, privilege and cultural institutions.  The role of the chronicler was to provide a reflection on the process in written or visual form. The chronicle created is thought as a subjective narration of the chronicler as opposed to an objective report.

The contributors are Reykjavik based artists, writers and activists from diverse backgrounds, who generously invested their creative energy in exploring questions with the Reykjavik City Library relating to self-determination, representation and negotiations on belonging within the Icelandic cultural context:

Anna Wojtyńska, Chanel Björk Sturludóttir, Daría Sól Andrews, Elías Knörr, Ewa Marcinek, Helen Cova, Melanie Ubaldo, Nermine El Ansari and Wiola Ujazdowska