How can cultural institutions develop spaces for variety of expressions from diverse positions? The Library stands out in Reykjavik as an important open public institution. It might be the last remaining indoor public space, where you don´t need a justification for being there and there are no prerequisites for accessing or participating as a user.

Inclusive Public Spaces reflects upon changing cultural landscapes through artistic praxis to:

  •  Explore pathways for open, critical dialogues within a cultural context.
  •  Initiate creative conversations on narratives, power structures, privilege and cultural institutions.
  •  Enhance innovation in the cultural sector and inclusive practices at the structural level.

Inclusive Public Spaces raises questions on self-determination, representation and negotiations on belonging within the Icelandic cultural context. 

The process includes think tank sessions to open up a discursive space on cultural programming, guided by creative visions, critical perspectives and innovative thoughts.

A podcast with contributors in the think tank sessions provides an insight into understandings on issues discussed during the think tank sessions.

Site-specific artist happenings work with ideas of the Library as an inclusive public space and put the issues in place or where they feel they should belong.

A chronicler is present during each think tank session and artist happening. The role of the chronicler is to provide a reflection on the process in written or visual form. The chronicle created is thought as a subjective narration of the chronicler as opposed to an objective report.

A publication with the material created by chroniclers and artists will be published as an end result, to give an insight into the processes for those not present at the sessions and happenings. It will also serve as a source for strategy development of the Library.

Project management

Dögg Sigmarsdóttir
Project Manager – Civic Participation

Hubert Gromny
Project manager – Graphic Design and Exhibitions