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Exhibition | Anne Herzog Andy Warhol

Saturday February 24th 2024 - Saturday April 6th 2024


The french artist, Anne Herzog, exhibits her works in Gerðuberg under the title Anne Herzog  Andy Warhol.

The opening takes place on Saturday, February the 24th at 2 pm.

The name Anne has 4 letters like the name Andy. The surname Herzog has 6 letters like the surname Warhol. The letter "o" is the is number five in both names. Both artists get their inspiration from pop culture and raw art. Andy Warhol (b. 6.8. 28- d. 22.02.87) was an american artist and film-maker. He was one of the leading artists in popart in America in the 60s. 

Anne Herzog, born in France 1984, is an artist and art-teacher.  She has had number of solo shows around the world fx. in New York, Berlin, Trinidad and Tobago and several places in Icealand and France. For the last twenty years Snæfellsnes has been on Anne's mind. She has lived there and worked for periods since 2004. In her works she is inspired by the nature in Snæfellsnes. 


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