Wiola Ujazdowska í Inclusive Public Spaces
Wiola Ujazdowska, "The Scandinavian Dream"

New Podcast | Belonging, Structure and Racism

Are our public spaces inclusive? Who has the power to take up space? Who has a voice? Can everyone say that they feel represented and that they feel they belong?

In a new podcast series the Reykjavik City Library raises questions relating to structural racism, cultural narratives, privileges and belonging. Artists, writers and activists examine inclusivity within the cultural sphere of Reykjavik. With the podcast the Library opens up a discursive space, guided by creative visions and innovative thoughts.

Listen to the Inclusive Public Spaces podcast here or on your usual podcast platform. New episodes published every Saturday, four in total (including the Introduction).

The podcast is a part of the project Inclusive Public Spaces, where artistic happenings also take place:
The Scandinavian Dream, a performative talk by Wiola Ujazdowska
What are you doing in Iceland with your face?, an installation by Melanie Ubaldo 
JÖKULSÁRLÓN 2014, a video installation by Nermine El Ansari

Are you interested in reading more on the topic of inclusion and diverse narratives?

Further information on the project‘s think tank sessions, artistic happenings and the podcast can be found on the project‘s website

For further information please contact:
Dögg Sigmarsdóttir
Project Manager – Civic Participation

UpdatedTuesday June 13th 2023, 11:19