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10:00 - 19:00

Nermine El Ansari | JÖKULSÁRLÓN 2014

Föstudagur 26. júní 2020 - Föstudagur 3. júlí 2020

Nermine El Ansari sýnir myndbandsverk sitt “JÖKULSÁRLÓN 2014” á Borgarbókasafninu í Grófinni.

Ljóslifandi minningar sameinast bráðnandi jökli. Fjarlæg fortíð verður að nútíð og almenningsrými umbreytist í persónulega vídd.


Sýning verksins er hluti af verkefninu Inclusive Public Spaces og verður notendum til sýnis á opnunartíma safnsins til 3. júlí 2020.

Opnun verksins er á föstudaginn 26. júní í Grófinni kl. 17:00. Öll velkomin.


Frekari upplýsingar um verkefnið Inclusive Public Spaces má finna á ensku síðu Borgarbókasafnsins: Inclusive Public Spaces

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Nánari upplýsingar um viðburðinn veitir: Hubert Gromny 


Texti á ensku frá listrænum stjórnanda sýningar og um listakonuna:

About the art piece
by Hubert Gromny

The video “JÖKULSÁRLÓN 2014” by Nermine El Ansari evokes powers of landscape and memory to transform each other and to question categories of time and space.
The gaze cast on melting glacier brings reminiscences which seems to signify geographical and chronological distance, but the body, regardless of its location, carries the memory. Act of remembering makes it immediately present. 
The echo of remote events comes with the repetitive chant of the ocean, the figure of connectivity. A continuous matter of water encompasses distant lands, and carries waves from Mediterranean Sea to North Atlantic, back and beyond. The personal dimension of time and space is a mode of navigation, which cancel the separation between global regions informed by their respective histories. A sound of the sea might have been the same a thousand years ago or a thousand miles away.

About the artist

Nermine El Ansari lives and works as a visual artist in Reykjavik. In 1998 she received her painting diploma from the School of Fine Arts in Versailles. In 2002, she graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts (ENSBA) of Paris in multimedia. In 2002, she studied at the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) in Havana. Her work has been presented in various exhibitions in Egypt, France, Lebanon, Germany, Taiwan, Cuba and other countries. Nermine’s works range from painting, drawing, animation, printmaking, installation and digital live drawing performance. Her earlier pieces were primarily concerned with the body in human and beast form, often presenting a distorted view of her subjects and exploring a series of dualities and inversions. Over the last ten years, she has focused on cities, borders, territories and mapping, both real and imagined, exploring the binaries provoked by the urban landscape.