What is a makerspace?

At the library you’ll find a really exciting creative space called Verkstæðið or the Makerspace. It provides children and adults with access to a variety of technology and tools to experiment, create, and discover new things. 

In the Makerspace you will have access to exciting tools to learn programming, to test things out and just get creative. Kids can come by themselves or invite their parents along. Big and small will learn something new.

The Makerspace in Grófin will open fall of 2020

Rafknúnir ávextir


Collaboration with Skema at Reykjavik University 

The Reykjavik City Library strives to provide citizens of all ages increased access to technical knowledge, regardless of their socioeconomic status. To that end we regularly host various computer programming classes for children and teenagers, both on our own and in collaboration with the Skema association at Reykjavik University.

Contact us:
Karl James Pestka
Project Manager – Makerspace