Recording Studio in Úlfarsárdalur

Hljóðverið í Borgarbókasafninu Úlfarsárdal

The Recording Studio is a fully equipped studio in Úlfarsárdalur City Library.

Library users can book the Recording Studio and use the library's equipment to record and edit music for free.

The studio can also be booked as a Practice Room, without any accompanying staff or the option to record.

Guests can have two active bookings in The Recording Studio

  • The Recording Studio is open every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 3pm - 7pm
  • The Practice Room is available Thursday and Friday from 3pm - 6pm.
  • Users must have a valid library card at Reykjavík City Library.

(If you want to check if your card is valid you can sign in at "My pages" on the top of this page. If your card is expired you will be offered to renew your card.)

Technical information

At The Recording Studio users are welcome to record and edit music. Be it a band of many members or a solo project, all equipment is on site, such as a guitar, bass, drums, a keyboard, microphones and audio editing software.  

Here's a list of equipment that can be found at The Recording Studio:

  • Macmini with Logic Pro X, Fabfilter FX bundle, Izotope Elements and Arturia Analog Lab
  • Apogee Ensemble sound card
  • Yamaha HS7 speakers and Yamaha HS 8S woofer
  • Beyerdynamic DT1770 PRO headphones
  • Behringer PolyD synthesizer and Arturia KeyLab 88 MIDI keyboard
  • Fender Stratocaster and Fender P Bass
  • Yamaha Stage Custom drums with Dream cymbals
  • A set of microphones, including RODE NT2, Sennheiser MD-421, Slate ML 2

Book a session at The Recording Studio or Practice Room