Our Facilities


We offer a cosy facility. Children and teenagers have their own place in the library and those of us who are older usually find a seat by the beautiful windows, look through the most recent books and newspapers and have som coffee while they're at it. A wide selection of events are offered for kids and grownups, such as the ever so popular Theatre Café. Free access to computers and guests can also get comfortable with newspapers, magazines and other material. It's perfect to meet up with friends or even host smaller meetings. Users can photocopy, print or scan documents for a small fee. 

Exhibitions and Events at Kringlan

Kringlan puts on a variety of smaller exhibitions. Artists can apply to exhibit their work or put on an event on the website. The Reykjavik City Library exhibition committee meets regularly to review and respond to applications. The exhibition committee reserves the right to define and shape library exhibitions based on the focus of the events calendar at any given time and accepts applicants accordingly. Library directors review and respond to applications for putting on events. 

See an overview of the Reykjavik City Library facilities. 


Visit virtually through Google Maps 360° photos

These images were taken in june, 2019.

For more information, contact Guðríður Sigurbjörnsdóttir, the director at Kringlan