All about our Exhibition Space

Do you want to exhibit your work at The Reykjavik City Library?

The Reykjavik City Library reviews and responds to all applications. The committee reserves the right to choose exhibitions that fit in with the library’s goals and focus at any given time. 

The library’s exhibition spaces are as varied as they are many. Below you’ll find an overview of the spaces available. Exhibitors receive help promoting their exhibition, but they must come themselves to hang their work and plan the exhibition in close collaboration with the library’s exhibitions manager . 

An overview of our exhibition spaces



Exhibition space in the entryway on the ground floor of Gerðuberg. Ideal for exhibitions that require a lot of wall space. It’s also possible to set up display stands  in certain places in the room.

Sýningaraðstaða í Gerðubergi



The exhibition room is located on the first floor, in the teen department.
We typically also hang work on the wall outside of the room to direct people inside. 
Size: 43 m2. Floor area: 720 x 600 cm. Ceiling height: 265 cm. Picture rails can be found on the walls near the ceiling. 

Sýningaraðstaða í Spönginni


Artótek wall

This is a new exhibition space as of early 2019 . Artists who belong to Artótek can apply to exhibit their work for short periods. 

Artists are responsible for setting up their exhibition and taking it down. The wall is located on the first floor next to the Artótek. 


An area on the ground floor typically used to feature library items. Every once in a while we use the space for events and exhibitions. 
Size: 64 m2


Small circular room between the children and teen departments on the second floor of the library. 
In this space, we typically put on comic exhibitions and smaller exhibitions for children and teenagers. 
The works are hung on wire strung from the ceiling. 


A small, non-traditional exhibition space on the fifth floor of the library where we typically put on exhibitions with a “poetic” connection. 
Size: 19m2

Sýningaraðstaða í Grófinni


At the Árbær branch we focus on exhibiting works by artists who either live in Árbær or have strong ties to the neighbourhood. Two walls are available for exhibiting work.

Árbær walls 

Bigger wall / Size: 310 cm tall / 510 cm wide
Smaller wall / Size: 280 cm tall / 371 cm wide

Sýningaraðstaða í Árbæ


At Sólheimar we typically put on micro-exhibitions with, for example, art by children. We don’t have a traditional exhibition space. 

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More information:
Guðrún Dís Jónatansdóttir, head of communication and innovation