Our Facilities

At the first floor you will find the bright Book Square where you can find inspiration in the most recent books and other interesting material, on display, often related to what's going on in society and various happenings. The Book Square is suitable for events, such as receptions, concerts and presentations. It's 64 m2, bright and open.

In the Artótek there's a large variety of contemporary art, that users can either temporarily rent or buy. 

On the first floor there's free access to computers, and you can also get comfortable with newspapers, magazines or other material. Users can photocopy, print or scan documents for a small fee. 

Torgið (The Square) – first floor is a multipurpose facility where library guests can study, work on group projects, have meetings, sit down and relax, flip through magazines and books, meet people, and pursue their hobbies. It’s possible to reserve Torgið for private events, but library events always take precedence. When Torgið is not reserved, guests are welcome to use the space as they please. Guests are welcome to rearrange the furniture according to their needs, but we ask them to return everything to its proper place before they leave. 

At the second floor you will find novels and poetry, both in Icelandic and other languages. There you will also find the Craft Corner, a cosy place to sit down and look through books and magazines, in search for inspiration for the next arts and crafts project. 

The same floor has the children's department where kids and their families can enjoy time together reading and playing. In The Circle by the children's department you will often find art exhibitions or exciting library holdings on display.

On the fifth floor there's a space especially designed for the young people. There you will find a splendid comic section with varied material, good selection of music and movies; CDs, vinyls, sheet music, DVDs and books and magazines. There is also a small recording studio, Kompan – podcast studio and Makerspace a soundproof space with free access to various programs, tools and technology that has to do with music and media.  

The fifth floor also offers a good selection of non-fiction books and a space with desks where you can study in peace and quiet with a view of the ocean and mountain Esja on the horizon.  

Exhibitions and events

Artists can apply to exhibit their work or put on an event through our website. The Reykjavik City Library exhibition committee meets regularly to review and respond to applications. The committee reserves the right to define and shape the library exhibitions based on the focus of the events calendar at the time, and it accepts applications accordingly. The library directors review event applications.

More on The Reykjavik City Library's facilities. 

For more information, contact Barbara Guðnadóttir, the director at Grófin