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Music Café | Why are all blues songs the same?

Saturday March 16th 2024

Have you ever wondered why you can sing along to some songs even if you've never heard them before? Why can you predict the formula of some songs, even if you've never learned to play an instrument? How do you know if the song is ending or if the chorus will be repeated?

These questions are not just out of the blue, there are simple answers to them,  because our ears and subconscious have trained themselves in musicology without us realizing it. Now Valli in the music department is going to tell us all about what we know deep down, but didn't know we knew!

The basics of musicology is something that everyone can enjoy, regardless of skill and musical background. All it takes is a little interest in music and a healthy curiosity. This lecture will not be scholarly or serious, but it will be in Icelandic. However there will be lots of fun musical examples that transcend language barriers!


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Further information:

Valgeir Gestsson, specialist in the Music Department
valgeir.gestsson@reykjavik.is |  411 6100