Háfjalla myndin eftir Daða Guðbjörnsson
Háfjalla myndin eftir Daða Guðbjörnsson

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Naglinn | Háfjalla myndin

Thursday January 4th 2024 - Monday March 4th 2024

A new art-piece is exhibited on The Nail in Sólheimar City Library. An oil painting named Háfjalla myndin by Daði Guðbjörnsson. Anna Guðrún Bjarnadóttir, librarian in Kringlan City Library and Sólheimar City Library chose the art-piece this time. The Nail is an art exhibition at Sólheimar City Library where only one art-piece is showcased at any given time. This piece is the 19th to be exhibited on The Nail. All pieces showcased are provided by the Artótek.


Daði Guðbjörnsson was born in 1954 in Reykjavík. Making art, primarily painting, has been his main job for decades and his art has been showcased widely. Daði studied in The Reykjavík School of Visual Arts, The Icelandic College of Art and Crafts and Rijksakademi van Beldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. Although Daði has mainly been working on his art the last decades he has taken on many other jobs along with it, for example book work and book illustrations, stage design for the Icelandic Opera, been the chairman of the Association of Icelandic Artists. His art has been showcased in many private and group exhibitions, and they can also be found in all the major art museums in Iceland.


The piece can be bought or rented, with the opportunity of ownership once the rent has reached the sales price. The buyer (or rentee) of the piece Háfjalla myndin can select the next art-piece, from the Artótek, to be showcased on The Nail.

This painting can be rented for 6.000 kr. a month or bought for 185.000 kr.

For further information on the Artótek, the artist or the painting visit the Artótek's website at: www.artotek.is


For more information contact:

Lísbet Perla Gestsdóttir
lisbet.perla.gestsdottir@reykjavik.is | s. 411 6160

Hólmfríður Gunnlaugsdóttir
holmfridur.gunnlaugsdottir@reykjavik.is | s. 411 6112