Rusted Apocalypse, Alejandro Suárez
Rusted Apocalypse, Alejandro Suárez

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Exhibition | Rusted Apocalypse

Saturday January 20th 2024 - Friday February 23rd 2024

Visual artist Alejandro Suárez contemplates what the world will look like after apocalypse. The artwork describe his vision of the remains of machines in a dystopian world. He created them under the influence of Steampunk and Dieselpunk art movements. This is his first solo exhibition, the idea was to create everything from scratch without the aid of 3D printing, so he uses for the canvas mostly carton, plastic and other recycled material. In this exhibition there are also a series of paintings on paper with acrylics, ink and colour pencils. They are a completely new approach from his most traditional works on oils and landscapes. The purpose is to find what medium makes him feel comfortable and at the same time what pushes him to leave his comfort zone.

Alejandro Suárez was born in the city Cordoba in Argentina in 1976. He moved to Iceland 17 years ago and became an Icelandic citizen just over 10 years ago. He cant remember himself otherwise than doing some art related projects and from childhood began attending art school in his hometown. Later on he became an apprentice of an artist and completed various courses on different areas of art forms. From sculpting to 3D artworks, traditional oils, acrylics, mixed medias and drawings. He never ceased creating and investigating new materials; always trying to push his limits and finding his true artistic self.

The exhibition can be seen when the library is open, Mon-Thur 10 AM to 6 PM, Fri 10 AM to 18 PM and Sat 11 PM to 16 PM.

Welcome to the opnening on Saturday Jan 20th, from 2 PM to 6 PM


Further information:
Alejandro Suarez, tel. 6922736

Sigríður Stephensen, tel. 4116230