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Exhibition | The crystal is not here

Thursday June 8th 2023 - Thursday June 22nd 2023


SIM Artists-in-residence, Lingam K & Maria Esthela, are pleased to present a two-person show, The crystal is not here, at Borgarbokasafn.


Included in this exhibition are a series of cyanotypes and metal sculptures produced both abroad and during their first month of residency at Korpulfstaddir.

In their works, they explore the otherworldly optical properties of organic matter native to Iceland and the interplay of light and shadow through the materials they have embraced in their practice.

The crystal is not here offers a rippling glimpse of the delicacy, impermanence and evolution of how we perceive life through lens and light.


Concerned with the fragmentation of time and unveiled narratives, Lingam K captures and releases moments contained, weaving and revealing rich and profound stories that emerge as a temporal tapestry.

Through his fine art photography, he plays the role of a visual anthropologist, exploring and investigating the culture and heritage intertwined with glacial phenomena.

Drawing upon the materiality of alternative photographic processes, cyanotype, Lingam employs method as a means of narrating depth, texture, and time.

The use of light-sensitive iron salts in cyanotype creates striking blue impressions that evoke the ethereal beauty, tranquility and melancholy of glacial ice. The tangible nature of the process adds a tactile quality, echoing the palpable reality of our natural environment while accentuating its fragility and the urgency it implores.

María Esthela (b. 1984 Tegucigalpa) is a self-taught Honduran-Canadian artist currently settled in the territory of Tiohtià:ke - Mooniyang, colonially known as Montreal.

Guided by systems thinking, research, paradox, meditation and movement her art practice is handmade, process-based and occasionally site-responsive.


Drawing inspiration from her third culture and autistic experience, she blends the spectrums between the undefined, the relative and the absurd as an ontological exploration of knowledge systems and thought processes.

By weaving ideas through haptic performance and a heuristic approach to light and material, she has developed a liminal and abstract language that traces and links patterns found across science, philosophy, nature and the unknown.

Her work seeks to invoke an emotional gravitas and physical weightlessness by drawing lines of inquiry that transcend the realm of reason.


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