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Children's Culture Festival | All together

Tuesday April 23rd 2024 - Sunday April 28th 2024

Location: The Square, 1st floor

The exhibtion opens on 23rd  of april at 10.30

Moving smoothly in unison as a group holding hands can be tricky. There are many obstacles in the way. The only way forward is to face them together, and most of them can be overcome if we support each other and hold hands through the obstacle course that the world has in store. All together is group exhibition of artworks by students from the preschools Ævintýraborg (Eggertsgatu and Nauthólsvegi), Grænuborg, Miðborg and Tjörn (Öldugötu and Tjarnargötu) organized by the Children's Culture Festival 2024. The works in the exhibition were created based on the theme of the 2024 festival, which is democracy. Cooperation, friendship, environment and language characterize the exhibition, but all the works lead us on different paths through the world of the minds of these youngest artists.

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For further information contact:
Guðrún Elísa Ragnarsdóttir, specialist | 411 6100