About NINja - Nordic IFLA Network

NINja stands for Nordic Ifla Network and consists of librarians in the Nordic countries who are interested in expanding the path of public libraries and strengthening Nordic network.

The Goals

  •  To raise interest around IFLA and its strategy and work in Nordic countries.  
  •  To open a forum to library people across the Nordic countries working in IFLA groups and people who maybe want to be involved with IFLA.  
  •  To share knowledge and ideas across both NINja participants from the Nordic Countries and IFLA's different programs and groups. 
  •  To make Nordic libraries more visible and more active in IFLA, for example with common promotion appearance.  

The networking group is informal and there is no formalized membership. Interested library people from the Nordic Countries can participate in NINja activities. 

NINja's coordinating group:

Anette Mjöberg, Marie Engberg Eiriksson, Jakob Lærkes, Pirkko Lindberg, Leikny H. Indergaard, Knud Schulz og Torbjörn Nilsson.