About Jan David Hanrath

Jan David Hanrath

Libraries, toolboxes for participation and collective understanding 

The second keynote speaker is the Dutch architect Jan David Hanrath, who has specialized in library design. Jan has been the head consultant in many library design projects and is currently part of the design team for the new Reykjavik City Library in Grófin. Furthermore, he is part of a creative think tank called Ministry of Imagination. The Ministry helps libraries and architects to define the future library. 

His keynote will be all about participation. You will learn how participation in the design process for the new City Library improves the quality of the project and creates awareness of the changing role of the library. He will also zoom in on a new process for when the new library opens where creativity binds people and where participation bridges gaps and can create collective understanding. Much needed in a time where people are more and more locked in their own bubble.

Jan's keynote is on Friday, October 20th at 9:30 am - 10:30 am