Community Co-Creation 

Community Co-Creation
Symposium on November 16th 2023

Where are spaces of encounters in our communities? Are these spaces similar in rural and urban areas or do they even exist in our local environment? 

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Jesper Koefoed-Melson | Vida Local 
Aija Burdikova I Muncipal Library of Akureyri I Akureyri
Elísa Elíasdóttir I The Library of Rangæinga I Hvolsvöllur
Vaida Bražiūnaitė I The Museum of Everyday Life I Ísafjörður

The project Community Co-Creation is an exploration journey around Iceland that includes stops in libraries, museums, cultural centers, and artist residencies in urban and rural regions.  It explores the possible impact of art methods in working with immigrant communities. A part of the project is also to reflect within these different spaces around Iceland the need to re-evaluate the purposes and usage of public spaces like the library for a more inclusive society. 

A series of workshops and events organized in different urban areas look at the role of cultural institutions in the context of mobility and migration. Especially in some rural areas there is a lack of meeting spaces. Such spaces of encounters are important for inclusion. Participatory research methods will be used in this project, with events being organized in the partner institutions and in collaboration with local creatives, inviting members of the community to come together. 



The project is initiated by Anna Wojtyńska (University of Iceland), Lara Hoffmann (University of Akureyri) and Dögg Sigmarsdóttir (Reykjavík City Library).

The partner institutions involved in this project are: Borgarbókasafn Reykjavíkur, Amtsbókasafn Akureyri, Bókasafn Héraðsbúa (Egilsstaðir), Bókasafn Húsavík, Bókasafn Ísafjörður, Héraðsbókasafn Rangæinga (Hvolsvöllur), Hversdagssafn (Ísafjörður), Westfjord Residency (Þingeyri), Blábankinn (Þingeyri), Sláturhúsið (Egilsstaðir)

The project is supported by Bókasafnasjóður and Byggðarannsóknasjóður.

Further information
Lara Hoffmann
Project manager and researcher