Blindspot is a co-curational project between Daría Sól Andrews and the Reykjavik City Library. Discover a rich program of events during this month exhibition opening on March 13th in conjunction with the European Action Week Against Racism. 

"The works in this exhibition explore a personal angle on racism and exclusion within a European and Scandinavian context. The artists in this exhibition offer a unique perspective on their lived experiences as well as a place of confrontation, a potential to shift our viewpoints. Microaggressions, cultural exclusion, gender inequality, and systemic racism are conversations that are uncomfortable, avoided, overlooked; we place these confronting realities in a personal blindspot. And yet, the simple fact is that systemic racism and gender biases are all too present in our institutions, in our everyday relations, and in our implicit, unconscious gestures. This exhibition and the European Action Week Against Racism is therefore an opportunity for us as a community to come together and acknowledge the spaces in which we need to represent and protect our minority groups. How can our institutions begin to combat their built in privileges and racisms and take actual steps towards accountability? Anti-racist policies and active acknowledgement of impicit biases within gender and race are the first necessary step. " Daría Sól Andrews

The exhibition Blindspot presents film, photography, and installation work by Salad Hilowle (SE), Nayab Ikram (FI), Hugo Llanes (IS), and Claire Paugam (IS) across various library locations in Reykjavík over a month long exhibition series.

We will also host a workshop for children (8-13) led by writer Yrsa Þöll Gylfadóttir: Who is the protagonist? where we will question the normalization of whiteness in children book illustrations in Iceland. This workshop will be happening in 4 different library locations: Grófin, Kringlan, Gerðuberg and Spöngin.


The library seeks creative collaborations to enrich its cultural program and gain new insights that support the library‘s future vision of a public place

More information:

Martyna Karolina Daniel, intercultural specialist at the Reykjavik City Library

Daría Sól Andrews, exhibition curator