Rafknúnir ávextir
Rafknúnir ávextir

Grófin music makerspace

The music makerspace will open soon at Grófin.

The Reykjavik City Library strives to be a leader in providing access to modern technology and equipment. To that end, we’ve created a makerspace, where guests can experiment, create, and discover new things. At the makerspace at Gerðuberg, guests, young and old, can code and tinker with, for example, Makey Makey toys, a 3D printer, and a vinyl cutter. 

At Grófin, we put together a focus group with musicians and young people interested in learning about and making music. The group gave us lots of great advice and helped shape our plans for the workshop. We hope to implement these ideas in the near future. We encourage everyone who is interested to keep an eye out for future developments!