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10:00 - 18:30

Exhibition | plakATH!

Fimmtudagur 27. febrúar 2020 - Sunnudagur 29. mars 2020

The City is always more than just densely built-up area. It diversity of ways of life and methods of inhabitation which are never one solid entity. Reykjavik is an archipelago of towns, which we pass by every day. Unseeing them while living in dimension of targeted media. Public space is full of visual stimuli aimed aimed at making us purchase. Any kind of a product.

But sometimes – from the corner of an eye, when walking fast, or from the center of the iris, while waiting for a friend – we can spot the image which is uncommon and not manipulative. On a wall in a cafe, or at the cinema...

For some, this picture can be the first step to discover the new town – where activists are finding time to create spaces where everybody feels safe and invited, where ideas for the better world are discussed, where food and music are shared.

Natka Klimowicz is the creator of posters and illustrations. She graduated from University of Fine Arts in Poznań in Poland in Printmaking and Graphic Design. Currently she lives and works in Reykjavik where she has been creating posters for Andrými – Radical Social Space, Róttæki Sumarháskólinn, Post-dreifing and other organizations and musicians.

Wazy Lizard is a laid-back, magical creature that casts vapourous sonic spells to create an ever-changing, yet consistent musical world. Layers of languid guitars, drone clarinet, diaphonic singing and other sources of sound stack upon each other to create a peaceful environment, letting one’s mind wander inwards.

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Facebook event - In Icelandic, Polish and English

Further information:
Guðríður Sigurbjörnsdóttir | tel. 6912946

Natka Klimowicz