Accessibility | Úlfarsárdalur Library

Public Transport 

Bus nr. 18 stops nearby. (Bus stop: Úlfarsbraut). For further information: 

Bicycle Parking 

There is a bicycle shelter on the north side of the building.  

Car Parking and Entrance 

General parking is alongside the sports club Fram. The disabled parking is right in front of the library’s main entrance. Free parking zone. There are no thresholds in the building.  


The building is on two floors. The library is to the left and the swimming pool service desk is to the right when you enter the building. The elevators are beside the service desk.  

Baby Carriages 

You are welcome to bring your children in carriages or strollers. It’s possible to store them in the foyer. 


On the upper floor there are four toilets, one of them for people with disabilities and there you will find a baby changing station. All the toilets are gender neutral.  

A Place to Eat 

You are welcome to bring your own food to eat at the library. It’s really cozy to sit down at the coffee tables by the service desk or by the big window facing the swimming pool. Feel free to use the speed boil kettle and the baby bottle warmer in the toddler's corner.  

Acoustics and Lighting 

The public libraries are places for people to meet up and socialize and are therefore often quite busy. Our library is not only for the public but also for the students of Dalskóli. We often have group visits, and we offer all kinds of events during the week. The swimming pool, Dalslaug, is extremely popular and on weekdays there are swimming classes. Despite that there are often quiet times, and it is possible to find a cozy spot and dive into your reading, work, or school projects. We have some comfortable sofas and tables in our study area.  

The acoustics are good in the building, except in the foyer and in the school canteen downstairs.  

Beeping sounds can be heard from the self-service machines. Led lights are in the ceilings, but the lighting is mild. The daylight can be enjoyed by the big windows.  

Guide dogs are welcome 


For further information, please contact:

Unnar Geir Unnarsson, Library Manager | 411 6270