The Nail | Exhibition Programme

Dans á rósum eftir Louise St. Djermoun

The Nail is an exhibition programme in the Sólheimar library. Each exhibition is composed of one work of art chosen from the Reykjavík City Library Artótek, and held for two months. Anyone may buy or rent the artwork on a rent-to-own contract, where each monthly payment goes toward the asking price, and when you've paid the artwork's total price, it's yours. Anyone who buys or rents the current artwork on display may choose the next piece to hang on The Nail.

Artótek rents and sells art by Icelandic artists who belong to SÍM, The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists. The goal of Artótek is to promote contemporary Icelandic art and provide guests with simple options of renting and buying art. 

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For more information:

Magnús Örn Thorlacius, divisional librarian