The Flying Carpet | Intercultural Encounters

* The Flying Carpet will be back from hiatus in January 2020! *

What is The Flying Carpet?

The Flying Carpet is meant for students in kindergartens, elementary schools and high schools.

With the The Flying Carpet the Reykjavik City Library takes part in promoting mutual respect and understanding between people in a concrete way and through different means of expressions. Everyone involved should be received with acknowledgement, and the cultural interaction should help you develop life-skills that foster the view that ethnic differences make us richer, rather than seeing them as a cause for conflict.

Students, parents and staff members get an opportunity to introduce their culture and interests in a fun and lively way within an encouraging environment.

The emphasis is to not only work with aspects of national culture or backgrounds, but also individual interests and those things that matter the most in each and every person’s life.

Each individual is a participant and a spectator at the same time.

Awards / Recognitions

2010 and 2015: The project was, together with the other multicultural projects of Reykjavik City Library, nominated to the society price of "Fréttablaðið" in the category "actions against prejudice".

2017: The Flying Carpet received The European Language Label. 

The project has its own home page:

Further information

Guðrún Dís Jónatansdóttir
Manager – Communication and Innovation